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Google Translate Restaurant

Google Translate Pop-Up Restaurant


“Whether you start things off with “bon appétit,” “dobrou chuť” or “itadakimasu,” it’s over meals that we build community and connect,” according to the announcement from Google. “In celebration of just that, Google Translate opened an interactive pop-up restaurant in New York City.

Located on the corner of Bowery and Kenmare in NYC, the restaurant was open for a special four day presentation from April 15 to April 18. Each day a brilliant team of chefs cooked up cuisines inspired by places all around the globe. I worked with a talented team of designers and producers at
 M ss ng P eces on this interactive pop up restaurant. 

See lots of the press here. 
(Spoiler it is a google search results page)

Produced by M ss ng P eces
EP Kate Oppenheim
Creative Director Masahi Kawamura
Art Director David Trumpf
Designers Jordan Bruner, Stephane Rodriguez, Costa Damaskos 
Producers Kathryn Berk, Sara'o Bery, Jonathan Figueroa, Zack Kislavitz