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Post Mortem

Post Mortem



The College of Fine Arts, COFA is the creative arts faculty of the University of New South Wales located in Paddington, Sydney. Recently the University underwent a name change, branding themselves as UNSW Art & Design. Not only a dissatisfying acronym, the rebrand seemed like a stale bureaucratic strategy to appeal to high paying international students. 

Every year the COFA Annual student exhibition launches the next generation of fine artists, media artists and designers. The Annual had in previous years, exposed talented graduates ready to make their mark on the creative world. Yet this year felt more like the exhibition was trying to promote the University's struggling name changeWith great disappointment towards UNSW Art & Design's approach to the 2014 Annual graduate exhibition, Post Mortem was born.

Post Mortem is a collective co-created between myself and my talented friend for the 2014 graduating class, showcasing the works of students from all disciplines at the late COFA. Post Mortem acts a retribution to the UNSWAAD Annual Grad Show, which many felt was a stale corporate representation of the University, not the students. 

RIP COFA 2014.